We dial in all key elements to your pool and check them weekly to keep the water chemistry well-balanced. We pride ourselves in providing honest work.
Weekly testing includes total chlorine, FAC (free available chlorine which is the part that sanitizes), pH, alkalinity, calcium Hardness and CYA (cyanuric acid). Chlorine is not the only important compound that needs to be balanced in the pool. CYA is a stabilizer/conditioner. Without the proper amount of CYA, chlorine is pretty much useless. Too much for too long is dangerous for your pool to process and also not healthy to swim in. Think of CYA as sunblock, it is avoiding the chlorine from burning off too quickly. And this is just one key element, there are more important chemicals that need proper care as well. We make it our top priority to provide your with exceptional results.
Full Weekly Service
Saltwater Pool Service
Chemicals Only Service
Green Pool Service
    Datz Pool & Spa Care offers different services to meet your needs. Let us focus on the safety and cleanliness of your pool, so you can spend more time in the pool enjoying life with those around you. We strive for happy customers because without it we wouldn’t be here living the dream. Call for more details on a service we can provide for you.